Unlimited Power

I am sometimes glued to the computer especially if I have found something striking to read. I get hooked on articles on modern technology, either philosophical treatises or specific information guides to certain products. It is all part of the same all-encompassing realm that dominates our lives. How did people live without computers or with the ancient models that first appeared? It is fun to trace the progress of computers from main frames to PCs to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. I wish I had been part of the inventive process at some point along the way. There is always the future and we can’t go wrong by aiming high.

One night I was deeply entrenched in research when the power went out because of a rather severe storm. I usually rely on the computer battery in such cases, but it was running low. I could only work for about an hour and faced the frustration of down time. The very next day I bought a surge protector while I was out getting virus protection software. I believe in keeping my computer running in any way I can. A home generator was the big purchase so I would not even have to worry about batteries going dead at all. I already avoid unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots and unrecommended websites. I think I have the whole gamut of things to do covered. The generator was never high on my list, but given the battery issue, it became relevant. It would also power small appliances in my home such as the hair dryer, electric razor, and coffee maker. It is a most useful item. Every home should have one if it contains even one mundane appliance—and you know that people have more.

I believe in making the most of my free time at home. When out and about, I carry a laptop and tablet with me. I keep them charged and ready to use. If I am stymied by a power outage at home, I get frustrated and angry. I dedicate this blog to all of you who have faced the same problem. Maybe you live in a harsh winter climate and power outages are not uncommon. I only had to experience one to know that it should be my last. I was afraid that portable generators were very expensive but found out that this isn’t so. Many are economical but it depends on the size. I don’t want to cut myself off from using anything in the house, so I elected to get a mid-size. There are also whole house generators which is perhaps more power than I need, but it isn’t a bad idea if you want your lights to remain on during a storm and you don’t want to retrieve the candles and matches. Of course, there is a flashlight and having more than one filled with a new battery is always a good idea if you have to go outside and check for fallen power lines.

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