Where We Thought We’d Be By Now

When it comes to evaluating where we thought that we’d be, it is important for people to remember that our predictions seem to change all the time. Some people thought that we’d have flying cars by now, but it’s anyone’s guess as to when they thought that we’d have them or whether or not people thought that we would ever really have them.

You have to look at what the actual futurists say if you actually want to get a sense of where we thought we’d be by now. The actual futurists actually did manage to predict the current situation fairly well. They figured that we would reach a point where everyone had a tiny computer that could be held manually and easily. They anticipated changes like social media.

Wearable technology was emphasized more, but we actually do have the technology for that. Smart watches count as wearable technology, so people could definitely say that we’ve gotten to that point now. It just looks like it took a little bit of time for the fashion trends to catch up with the tech trends, which makes sense.

Of course, many people would not be especially impressed with the possibility of wearable technology anyway, which is one of many reasons why people would tend to see these sorts of predictions on the websites of actual futurists and not just people who enjoy casually speculating about the future. The idea that everyone would have some sort of dramatic technology by now, such as flying cars, is just going to be more appealing to the people who just enjoy having fun with these sorts of wild speculations. Separating the ridiculous and the wild speculations from anything realistic is going to be difficult for the people who are trying to find the truth.

Some people thought that we would have made more progress when it came to renewable energy and similar technologies. However, once again, the tech for all of that is there. Science and society do not progress at the same rates. People need to make sure that it is possible for both of these modes of progress to catch up with one another or it is going to be that much harder for society to actually move forward thanks to new tech. When people are disappointed in the results of tech progress, it is often due to the fact that society did not move as quickly as the tech did, and a lot of people are understandably frustrated as a result. Change has to be multi-faceted in order to truly allow people to benefit from all of it.

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