Extermination of pests is a big business because vermin exist everywhere. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home, although not leaving food on the kitchen counter can help. They get in through crannies and cracks. If you have cockroaches, you must sit up and take notice. It is simply not to coexist with such a beast. Sometimes pets bring in fleas and other flying and crawling insects. Don’t let an outdoor pet come in without being inspected. Getting extermination service on a monthly basis can help but it costs and often you have to have a contract with your preferred company. You can also do pest control yourself as there are many products on the market. The problem is that most are toxic, especially for pets.

Knowing that I despise pests, imagine my reaction upon finding a roach in my university office. I don’t imagine they ever spray. It probably isn’t in the budget. Since this was the first time, I wondered why it was there. After asking around to see if others had found roaches as well, I discovered that a student had been living in the faculty lounge and had been using several offices. He had lost his scholarship and had nowhere to sleep. Of course, none of us knew. He ate meals and left scraps that were very enticing to pests. Now we had the issue of disposing of him as well as the roaches. We gave him an ultimatum. Two more days and then you are gone. Then I took it upon myself to buy some roach killer so we wouldn’t have to pay for professional service. After all, it was only one lonely roach. I had promptly stomped it to death but I wanted to ensure we had future protection.

If you fear deadly chemicals in your home or workspace, you can go to a health food store to buy a non-toxic product. They are said to work the way orange oil (a safe substance) works for termites. I immediately bought two cans. I asked the student to help me apply the roach kill in the appropriately places. It was the least he could do. Then I agreed to help him find a new home that he could afford until obtaining a possible new scholarship. He was apologetic to be sure and thanked me for my assistance. I felt bad for him and was willing to help. I knew a faculty member who had a basement with a door and a window so it wasn’t claustrophobic. It even had a small make-shift kitchen so he could cook modest meals. I gave him a lecture about keeping it clean and suggested he spray it with the second can I had bought at the health food store. He would start out on the right foot and hopefully keep pests at bay. He completely agreed and went about the task in due time. He told me some weeks later that he had never spotted even one bug. This conference will be pest free I 100% guarantee.

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