Imperfect Information & Shopping

When I need a gift for a colleague, I immediately think of something technological. My fellow workers and friends are like me. They appreciate the marvels of the latest innovations. We love using updated devices and always want to know how they work. This time it’s a little different. I need a gift for a woman I used to date. Her tastes run along different lines. I want a nice gift that doesn’t break the bank and appears to be too meaningful. Certainly, this means no personal items or jewelry. I know she likes to cook and I have contemplated different appliances. There are many from which to choose. What would she prefer? A hand mixer? A Cuisinart? A toaster oven? An electric grill? Wow. Now how do I decide. I wouldn’t mind having any or all of them. Does she already own multiple appliances? Even if she does, no doubt something is worn out. I must be more creative. Knowing gifts of food she has given me in the past, I am electing to get a bread maker.

I hate shopping because I don’t know where to go to get the best models and deals and it also takes time. Part of what I hate is finding parking. Then you need to get a clerk’s attention in the store and hope they aren’t too busy to help pick something suitable. Some of them can be disdainful and rude. I prefer to buy online. It is shopping to be sure, but of an entirely different kind. It is fast, easy, and effective. You select the item you want, approve the cost and method of shipping. Soon enough, the appliance is at your door. I ordered the bread maker to be delivered to my home so I could wrap it appropriately. I have learned that women like things that look nice. So, I will go to a brick and mortar store and buy pretty paper and ribbon. This is easy enough because they have it most everywhere from the supermarket and the hardware store to the drugstore on the corner. No, I don’t keep any rolls of paper in the closet for such occasions. Remember, I hate shopping.

The bread maker was apparently the perfect choice. After I had bestowed the gift and had received accolades for my selection, I got a few loaves of the most delectable homemade bread. I particularly loved the banana chocolate chip breakfast bread, so perfect with my morning coffee. If I praise my friend enough, maybe I will get more! I feel good about having found the right present as it isn’t always the case. Some gifts are just so impersonal. This time I hit the nail on the head. I picked something I knew would be of value and that she would use frequently. Each and every time, maybe she would think of me. Sometimes that is the goal of a given gift. It reflects on the giver.

What are some of the ways we can improve information availability and reliability?

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