Hit This Instead

I love to work out. It is something new to me, a former couch potato. I started to feel a bit flabby and decided to take advice from friends. They counseled me on the health benefits of exercise combined with a good diet. You have to make time, they said, to take care of yourself. It also releases stress and tension. This made sense to me because one day at work when I was really frustrated, I slammed my computer shut. Not the best way to take care of anger! A colleague who heard the ruckus said hitting a boxing bag is a far better solution. Was he being facetious? No, he was not. He insisted in taking me to his gym as a guest so I could see what he is talking about. He knew I was interested in working out anyway, but I had never considered boxing as a pastime. With my display of anger, he thought it would be the perfect fit.

I don’t get overwrought that often, but I did some damage to my computer; so, I concluded that it is far cheaper to join a gym with boxing equipment than to replace my laptop. I signed on the dotted line. After a few weeks, I found that I couldn’t do without my boxing sessions. I joined the fellow travelers who used boxing for maximum fitness. It does tone the arms and the legs and eventually the abdomen. If you do it regularly, you will see quick results. You also feel that you are learning something exciting and new. I can now appreciate boxing matches that air on pay TV. I am not going to bet on them, but I am interested in the outcomes. I watch the different techniques of the contenders and compare them to what I do. I see that I have a long way to go. I am going to hire a trainer to bring me along to a higher level. Of course, there is no issue of going pro. That gives me a good laugh. But I do want to get stronger, lighter on my feet, swifter with the fists, and more agile as I dance around the bag.

I have been tempted to buy a boxing bag to install in my garage, but frankly I like having a training and enjoy the environment of the gym. I think I will be more faithful to my schedule if I don’t work out at home. There is something about being in a professional gym that prods you to work harder. You see others who attack the bag with intense vigor. They are pouring sweat at the end of their session. Now this is the way to lose weight. Boxing is a pure cardio experience. It is the toughest all-around program you can adopt. You must be committed. A few days off and you can get quickly out of shape.

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