What Can We Do with All the Information Out There?

What I love about modern technology is how available it is to the world. It reaches to the far corners of the earth. People have mobile phones in the backwater of India and flat screen TV in Sudan. The third world is evolving thanks to its existence. The rest of us wait with bated breath for new developments. Take the Internet. The sheer volume of information is astounding. You can master any digital realm. Even if you need something as mundane as a new washer for the kitchen faucet, you can find how to buy one and then install it. Well, there’s more. I found that you can make one with a 3-D printer instead of having to order the minor part. Okay, this printer is not yet ubiquitous; but it gives you an idea of what is to come. In fact, it is already here.

Information is a godsend. We hope that most of it online is accurate or that we can rifle through it all and make sense of things. Sooner or later, you learn what is to be trusted and what is not. While people spend time posting what they know on almost any subject, some things get neglected in the shuffle. We all can contribute to upgrading the plethora of knowledge out there that is consumed. So how do you tell right from wrong. Consider the source of the information and the prevailing websites. You learn to decipher who has the best reputation. You also learn how to read between the lines and see who has done his homework in providing accuracy and authenticity of facts. I am not complaining because we can’t live without the Internet. Most information is not available in any other place. The days of frequenting the local library are long gone. Printed material is fast disappearing. The newspapers are shrinking in number as I write. So, you have to get on line if you want to gain information about any subject. Sometimes it is about something that interests you historically or scientifically. Other times it is to conduct a DIY project. There are loads of YouTube videos to help. Information comes in many forms.

I spend quite a lot of time on the Web doing research and writing material for public consumption. As an advocate of modern technology, I specialize in this realm. I am happy to note how many others are also on board. The Internet has improved enormously over the last decade or two. If nothing else, it spreads the word; but I appreciate it the most when I can learn how something works and can be built. I want to know the secret at the heart of technology from the most mundane item to the most sophisticated, such as an aerospace probe. I could never do without the Internet for most things I do and I am a true devotee of its magic. You enter a few keywords, and suddenly you have a whole list of results.

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