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Seattle is conveniently located on the west coast, making it easily accessible from everywhere in North America and from Asia. This thriving city offers a range of cultural and outdoor activities. Mountains, Olympic Peninsula, Puget Sound, and Lake Washington offer inspiring recreational opportunities, and Seattle’s weather in July is ideal for taking advantage of them.


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Sunday, July 9 -Friday, July 14, 2006

Sunday, July 9 -Friday, July 14, 2006

ISIT 2006, the 2006 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory will be held at The Westin Seattle (Seattle, Washington) from Sunday July 9 through Friday July 14, 2006.

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About The Event Organizer

ISIT is the conference dedicated to improving information theory and all relative areas. It brings together researchers and practitioners from around the world every year under a community to discuss the advancements in information theory. We host the events to talk about all fields of IT, including big data analytics, communication theory, source and channel coding, cryptography and security, networks, machine learning, signal processing, and all emerging application. Our team is dedicated to hosting quality events every year with the best facilities available for all our guests. We believe in providing the right platforms for our workshops and seminars to bring the best chances in information theory.

Latest Updates

Wet in Seattle

Seattle is a seaport city located on the west coast of the United States. The city lies on several hills, it has a land area of 83.9 square miles and 600.000 inhabitants. The climate is classified between the Mediterranean and Oceanic. Seattle has wet winters and relatively mild, dry summers. The Seattle area is considered to be one of the cloudiest regions in the United States with a lot of rainy storms. The area is notorious for its rainy days. In a year, there are around 150 rainy days. And with rain comes moisture. So, if you are new to Seattle and want to participate in some of our symposia, keep in mind the following advice.


Since it’s one of the wettest areas in the USA, the residents are well acquainted with moisture. Moisture in-home and enclosed spaces are the sole reason for the mold. Mold is a fungus and inhaling it, especially for a longer period of time, can be very bad for one’s health. Mold can cause allergic reactions, sneezing, infection, and skin rashes. People with asthma are very vulnerable to it. Therefore, be careful if you suffer from such a condition. When you rent a room or an apartment, try to regularly ventilate your room, or even better, try to rent a place that has an air purifier for mold. This device will ease your stay by making your air and environment more breathable.


If you don’t want to stay in your room, there are a number of things you can do. Our advice is to google what you need cause Seattle has a lot of museums, theatres, and coffee bars that deserve your attention. We recommend trying our local beers, but if you’re not fond of alcohol, hit a karaoke bar. Seattle is a wonderful city with very hospitable people. So please enjoy your stay.

Ahead of Its Time

Saying that something is ahead of its time always tends to be contradictory. Something that was made in its time cannot truly be ahead of its time, of course, even though a lot of people wish that this were the case. Lots of things are very modern, but they are not so modern that they are divorced from time and space. Still, there is a great deal of technology that has managed to seem ahead of its time in one way or another.

Technology that appears to be ahead of its time is always defined as such after that point. People are not going to see certain types of technology that way, for better or for worse. Early 8-track tapes, for one thing, do not impress many people even though these were cool pieces of technology in their own time and there is really no reason to say that 8-tracks are worthy of scorn.

In today’s world where technology moves so quickly, it is important for people to avoid becoming too attached to the tech of their day, and they should also avoid becoming too critical of the tech from the recent past. Scoffing at large 1990’s brick cell phones seems strange in a world in which cell phones have gone through countless changes in the space of only a few years. People who are laughing at cell phones that they used two years prior and talking about how outdated they are will probably just seem odd to many.

When you think about how people in the recent past saw the future, sometimes all you have to do is think about how people today see the future. People today usually imagine that the future is going to be exactly like the present, except the buildings and the cars are shinier and more powerful somehow.

A lot of the science fiction from the 1990’s did predict that people would have picture phones. However, they overestimated the amount of time that people would spend using them. We have Skype today and smart toilets, but most of us still prefer to place a quick text or toilet paper. While people twenty years ago could predict the tech, they couldn’t predict the social mores.

Some sci-fi characters basically had tablets in 1990’s sci-fi. However, the writers did not imagine the full capabilities of the tablets. They imagined themselves as people who used multiple tablets in order to communicate and record information, effectively treating the tablets like they were pieces of paper. The Information Age was in its infancy twenty years ago, and people still had not really grasped the full potential of the Internet and the fact that one device could do anything.

Some people twenty years ago had people today using more advanced phones, but they did not imagine that our phones were more or less going to act as a lot of miniature computers that could replace a huge portion of other tech functions. It’s difficult for a lot of people to see beyond their time period, and we should all try to be forgiving of the people of the past who couldn’t make it happen. In all likelihood, we’re wrong about a lot of things as well.

Most science fiction today features science fiction worlds and ships that make everything seem like the Apple store. The tech we imagine today looks like the tech that we have now. This has been constant throughout the history of science fiction, which is arguably much older than people think today. People tend to see things as being reflective of themselves and their own mores. It’s harder for people to really see outside of their own time. Being ahead of your time is really all about shaking off the biases that exist in your time. However, you are still technically a person of your time even then.

Where We Thought We’d Be By Now

When it comes to evaluating where we thought that we’d be, it is important for people to remember that our predictions seem to change all the time. Some people thought that we’d have flying cars by now, but it’s anyone’s guess as to when they thought that we’d have them or whether or not people thought that we would ever really have them.

You have to look at what the actual futurists say if you actually want to get a sense of where we thought we’d be by now. The actual futurists actually did manage to predict the current situation fairly well. They figured that we would reach a point where everyone had a tiny computer that could be held manually and easily. They anticipated changes like social media.

Wearable technology was emphasized more, but we actually do have the technology for that. Smart watches count as wearable technology, so people could definitely say that we’ve gotten to that point now. It just looks like it took a little bit of time for the fashion trends to catch up with the tech trends, which makes sense.

Of course, many people would not be especially impressed with the possibility of wearable technology anyway, which is one of many reasons why people would tend to see these sorts of predictions on the websites of actual futurists and not just people who enjoy casually speculating about the future. The idea that everyone would have some sort of dramatic technology by now, such as flying cars, is just going to be more appealing to the people who just enjoy having fun with these sorts of wild speculations. Separating the ridiculous and the wild speculations from anything realistic is going to be difficult for the people who are trying to find the truth.

Some people thought that we would have made more progress when it came to renewable energy and similar technologies. However, once again, the tech for all of that is there. Science and society do not progress at the same rates. People need to make sure that it is possible for both of these modes of progress to catch up with one another or it is going to be that much harder for society to actually move forward thanks to new tech. When people are disappointed in the results of tech progress, it is often due to the fact that society did not move as quickly as the tech did, and a lot of people are understandably frustrated as a result. Change has to be multi-faceted in order to truly allow people to benefit from all of it.

Hit This Instead

I love to work out. It is something new to me, a former couch potato. I started to feel a bit flabby and decided to take advice from friends. They counseled me on the health benefits of exercise combined with a good diet. You have to make time, they said, to take care of yourself. It also releases stress and tension. This made sense to me because one day at work when I was really frustrated, I slammed my computer shut. Not the best way to take care of anger! A colleague who heard the ruckus said hitting a boxing bag is a far better solution. Was he being facetious? No, he was not. He insisted in taking me to his gym as a guest so I could see what he is talking about. He knew I was interested in working out anyway, but I had never considered boxing as a pastime. With my display of anger, he thought it would be the perfect fit.

I don’t get overwrought that often, but I did some damage to my computer; so, I concluded that it is far cheaper to join a gym with boxing equipment than to replace my laptop. I signed on the dotted line. After a few weeks, I found that I couldn’t do without my boxing sessions. I joined the fellow travelers who used boxing for maximum fitness. It does tone the arms and the legs and eventually the abdomen. If you do it regularly, you will see quick results. You also feel that you are learning something exciting and new. I can now appreciate boxing matches that air on pay TV. I am not going to bet on them, but I am interested in the outcomes. I watch the different techniques of the contenders and compare them to what I do. I see that I have a long way to go. I am going to hire a trainer to bring me along to a higher level. Of course, there is no issue of going pro. That gives me a good laugh. But I do want to get stronger, lighter on my feet, swifter with the fists, and more agile as I dance around the bag.

I have been tempted to buy a boxing bag to install in my garage, but frankly I like having a training and enjoy the environment of the gym. I think I will be more faithful to my schedule if I don’t work out at home. There is something about being in a professional gym that prods you to work harder. You see others who attack the bag with intense vigor. They are pouring sweat at the end of their session. Now this is the way to lose weight. Boxing is a pure cardio experience. It is the toughest all-around program you can adopt. You must be committed. A few days off and you can get quickly out of shape.


Extermination of pests is a big business because vermin exist everywhere. It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home, although not leaving food on the kitchen counter can help. They get in through crannies and cracks. If you have cockroaches, you must sit up and take notice. It is simply not to coexist with such a beast. Sometimes pets bring in fleas and other flying and crawling insects. Don’t let an outdoor pet come in without being inspected. Getting extermination service on a monthly basis can help but it costs and often you have to have a contract with your preferred company. You can also do pest control yourself as there are many products on the market. The problem is that most are toxic, especially for pets.

Knowing that I despise pests, imagine my reaction upon finding a roach in my university office. I don’t imagine they ever spray. It probably isn’t in the budget. Since this was the first time, I wondered why it was there. After asking around to see if others had found roaches as well, I discovered that a student had been living in the faculty lounge and had been using several offices. He had lost his scholarship and had nowhere to sleep. Of course, none of us knew. He ate meals and left scraps that were very enticing to pests. Now we had the issue of disposing of him as well as the roaches. We gave him an ultimatum. Two more days and then you are gone. Then I took it upon myself to buy some roach killer so we wouldn’t have to pay for professional service. After all, it was only one lonely roach. I had promptly stomped it to death but I wanted to ensure we had future protection.

If you fear deadly chemicals in your home or workspace, you can go to a health food store to buy a non-toxic product. They are said to work the way orange oil (a safe substance) works for termites. I immediately bought two cans. I asked the student to help me apply the roach kill in the appropriately places. It was the least he could do. Then I agreed to help him find a new home that he could afford until obtaining a possible new scholarship. He was apologetic to be sure and thanked me for my assistance. I felt bad for him and was willing to help. I knew a faculty member who had a basement with a door and a window so it wasn’t claustrophobic. It even had a small make-shift kitchen so he could cook modest meals. I gave him a lecture about keeping it clean and suggested he spray it with the second can I had bought at the health food store. He would start out on the right foot and hopefully keep pests at bay. He completely agreed and went about the task in due time. He told me some weeks later that he had never spotted even one bug. This conference will be pest free I 100% guarantee.

Unlimited Power

I am sometimes glued to the computer especially if I have found something striking to read. I get hooked on articles on modern technology, either philosophical treatises or specific information guides to certain products. It is all part of the same all-encompassing realm that dominates our lives. How did people live without computers or with the ancient models that first appeared? It is fun to trace the progress of computers from main frames to PCs to laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. I wish I had been part of the inventive process at some point along the way. There is always the future and we can’t go wrong by aiming high.

One night I was deeply entrenched in research when the power went out because of a rather severe storm. I usually rely on the computer battery in such cases, but it was running low. I could only work for about an hour and faced the frustration of down time. The very next day I bought a surge protector while I was out getting virus protection software. I believe in keeping my computer running in any way I can. A home generator was the big purchase so I would not even have to worry about batteries going dead at all. I already avoid unsecure Wi-Fi hotspots and unrecommended websites. I think I have the whole gamut of things to do covered. The generator was never high on my list, but given the battery issue, it became relevant. It would also power small appliances in my home such as the hair dryer, electric razor, and coffee maker. It is a most useful item. Every home should have one if it contains even one mundane appliance—and you know that people have more.

I believe in making the most of my free time at home. When out and about, I carry a laptop and tablet with me. I keep them charged and ready to use. If I am stymied by a power outage at home, I get frustrated and angry. I dedicate this blog to all of you who have faced the same problem. Maybe you live in a harsh winter climate and power outages are not uncommon. I only had to experience one to know that it should be my last. I was afraid that portable generators were very expensive but found out that this isn’t so. Many are economical but it depends on the size. I don’t want to cut myself off from using anything in the house, so I elected to get a mid-size. There are also whole house generators which is perhaps more power than I need, but it isn’t a bad idea if you want your lights to remain on during a storm and you don’t want to retrieve the candles and matches. Of course, there is a flashlight and having more than one filled with a new battery is always a good idea if you have to go outside and check for fallen power lines.

What Can We Do with All the Information Out There?

What I love about modern technology is how available it is to the world. It reaches to the far corners of the earth. People have mobile phones in the backwater of India and flat screen TV in Sudan. The third world is evolving thanks to its existence. The rest of us wait with bated breath for new developments. Take the Internet. The sheer volume of information is astounding. You can master any digital realm. Even if you need something as mundane as a new washer for the kitchen faucet, you can find how to buy one and then install it. Well, there’s more. I found that you can make one with a 3-D printer instead of having to order the minor part. Okay, this printer is not yet ubiquitous; but it gives you an idea of what is to come. In fact, it is already here.

Information is a godsend. We hope that most of it online is accurate or that we can rifle through it all and make sense of things. Sooner or later, you learn what is to be trusted and what is not. While people spend time posting what they know on almost any subject, some things get neglected in the shuffle. We all can contribute to upgrading the plethora of knowledge out there that is consumed. So how do you tell right from wrong. Consider the source of the information and the prevailing websites. You learn to decipher who has the best reputation. You also learn how to read between the lines and see who has done his homework in providing accuracy and authenticity of facts. I am not complaining because we can’t live without the Internet. Most information is not available in any other place. The days of frequenting the local library are long gone. Printed material is fast disappearing. The newspapers are shrinking in number as I write. So, you have to get on line if you want to gain information about any subject. Sometimes it is about something that interests you historically or scientifically. Other times it is to conduct a DIY project. There are loads of YouTube videos to help. Information comes in many forms.

I spend quite a lot of time on the Web doing research and writing material for public consumption. As an advocate of modern technology, I specialize in this realm. I am happy to note how many others are also on board. The Internet has improved enormously over the last decade or two. If nothing else, it spreads the word; but I appreciate it the most when I can learn how something works and can be built. I want to know the secret at the heart of technology from the most mundane item to the most sophisticated, such as an aerospace probe. I could never do without the Internet for most things I do and I am a true devotee of its magic. You enter a few keywords, and suddenly you have a whole list of results.

Imperfect Information & Shopping

When I need a gift for a colleague, I immediately think of something technological. My fellow workers and friends are like me. They appreciate the marvels of the latest innovations. We love using updated devices and always want to know how they work. This time it’s a little different. I need a gift for a woman I used to date. Her tastes run along different lines. I want a nice gift that doesn’t break the bank and appears to be too meaningful. Certainly, this means no personal items or jewelry. I know she likes to cook and I have contemplated different appliances. There are many from which to choose. What would she prefer? A hand mixer? A Cuisinart? A toaster oven? An electric grill? Wow. Now how do I decide. I wouldn’t mind having any or all of them. Does she already own multiple appliances? Even if she does, no doubt something is worn out. I must be more creative. Knowing gifts of food she has given me in the past, I am electing to get a bread maker.

I hate shopping because I don’t know where to go to get the best models and deals and it also takes time. Part of what I hate is finding parking. Then you need to get a clerk’s attention in the store and hope they aren’t too busy to help pick something suitable. Some of them can be disdainful and rude. I prefer to buy online. It is shopping to be sure, but of an entirely different kind. It is fast, easy, and effective. You select the item you want, approve the cost and method of shipping. Soon enough, the appliance is at your door. I ordered the bread maker to be delivered to my home so I could wrap it appropriately. I have learned that women like things that look nice. So, I will go to a brick and mortar store and buy pretty paper and ribbon. This is easy enough because they have it most everywhere from the supermarket and the hardware store to the drugstore on the corner. No, I don’t keep any rolls of paper in the closet for such occasions. Remember, I hate shopping.

The bread maker was apparently the perfect choice. After I had bestowed the gift and had received accolades for my selection, I got a few loaves of the most delectable homemade bread. I particularly loved the banana chocolate chip breakfast bread, so perfect with my morning coffee. If I praise my friend enough, maybe I will get more! I feel good about having found the right present as it isn’t always the case. Some gifts are just so impersonal. This time I hit the nail on the head. I picked something I knew would be of value and that she would use frequently. Each and every time, maybe she would think of me. Sometimes that is the goal of a given gift. It reflects on the giver.

What are some of the ways we can improve information availability and reliability?

Important Reasons You Should Attend International Symposium

There are many benefits of attending academic conferences, which includes things like pursuing PhD Academic conferences play a very significant role in shaping your future. They include things which can improve your skills and knowledge like professionals, conferences which can help one in many ways.


With international symposiums, one can get an opportunity which can help one broaden your thinking and knowledge about a subject. This is one of the best places to start looking to new ideas and theories which may or may not have been known before. There are many conferences which can help one attend and gather information from listening and presenting the idea of people speaking to the whole world.


One of the main objective of attending the international conferences which can help one access some experts influence which can help one improve themselves. It gives you a platform which can help experts provide you with feedback and constructive criticism which can help one find the related field of interesting, which can pave the way for the potential future.


International conferences can give you a wonderful opportunity which can allow one to meet and interact with fellow researchers. This will enable one to connect with scientists and academics, which can allow one to share the same view and create new relationships allowing one to learn new things to enhance your existing knowledge. There are a lot of links which can have a specific corporation by meeting researchers from many continents.


This is another important reason which can allow one to increase your chances of getting your work which needs published and indexed. There are many conferences which can allow one to have the right participation. There are many selected papers which have shown innovative researches published in top journals.


Another aspect of international symposium is that you can take a break from your regular work and take up responsibilities. It allows one to explore new cities and discover the culture and meet new people. There are many attending conferences which will allow one to feel energised and rejuvenated to continue to work with the university.


Meeting new people and understanding the culture illuminates a lot of style in your research which can help one face a lot of ideas proceed by witnessing various dispositions and ideas. This is one of the best ways to enlighten your thoughts and give a new direction to your work. This is one of the best places to spend some quality time with your colleagues and make new friends during lunch and coffee breaks. This is an academic atmosphere, and it is important that the person who is interested should attend the symposium for a better understanding of the latest updates in your field.

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